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How to Plan for a Productive Day

Last updated August 17, 2023

How to Plan for a Productive Day

As you progress through school, you’ll have more assignments and, in general, a busier schedule filled with extracurriculars and maybe even a job. To get everything done, you’ll need to practice time management. While you might already have a rough idea of what works for you, here are some of our tips on how to plan for a productive day!

Use a planning tool

Decide on what tool you’ll use to help track your day. You can use a paper planner, a planning app, or bullet journal. It matters less what type of planner you use. What matters most is that you feel comfortable with whatever tool you use and are consistent in using it!

Review your schedule the night before

At the end of the day, go over the day you’ve had by checking off what you’ve finished. Ask yourself, what is in progress and what do you need to start? This will help you prioritize the next day with everything fresh on your mind.

Establish a morning routine

What do you need to do in the morning to have a good day? It could be having breakfast, doing your hair, making your bed, etc. Whatever it is, try to do this every morning to get yourself in the mindset for school or work.

It may also help to plan your morning routine the night before. Some morning routines run smoother when you do some prep the night before like picking out your outfit or packing your lunch.

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Thoughtfully plan in-person and remote classes

Finding the balance of what is in-person and what is online is a task in itself these days. Making sure you are intentional in planning travel time to an in-person meeting and having a comfortable quiet space for remote meetings can make all of the difference in your productivity. If you are distance learning or working from home, you’ll be in front of your computer a lot. Set up your space to be as comfortable as possible with our ideas!

Block out time for breaks and eating

Using your computer all day can strain your eyes and body. Schedule times for breaks to get up and move your body, eat, or work on tasks where a computer is not needed. To help with screen fatigue and to rest your eyes, set a timer to go off every 60 minutes and focus your eyes and mind on something not on your computer screen.

Identify and limit distractions

If you find yourself being distracted by things like social media, friends, or social activities, give yourself some firm boundaries. Setting limits like reducing your social media use to 15 minutes a day or going out only on weekends can help you keep your priorities in check and productivity at an all time high!

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