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How to Plan for a Productive Day

Last updated March 7, 2024

Keeping track of all your responsibilities and obligations in college requires good time management skills, and the best time to build them is now. Here are some tips for keeping it all organized and planning for a productive day!

Use a planning tool

Using planning tools like journals or apps can help you keep track of your daily, weekly, or monthly schedule. Write down all of your obligations in a given time frame, like school, work, extracurriculars, or plans with friends, to understand what you have going on. Whatever medium helps you keep track of everything is totally fine as long as you will be consistent in using it!

Review your schedule the night before

At the end of each day, review the day you’ve had by checking off what you did or took care of. Ask yourself, what is in progress and what do you need to start? This will help you prioritize tasks the next day with everything fresh on your mind.

Establish a morning routine

What do you need to do in the morning to have a good day? It could be having breakfast, doing your hair, making your bed, or listening to music. Whatever it is, try to do this every morning to get yourself in the mindset for your responsibilities for the day. Building smaller habits like this can make it easier over time to build bigger and more consistent habits! 

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Block out time for breaks and eating

In the midst of everything you have going on, block out time on your schedule to move, stretch, eat, and rest. Taking care of yourself and getting good rest can lead to better productivity in other areas of your life! 

Identify and limit distractions

If you find yourself being distracted by things like your phone or social media, set some firm boundaries for yourself. Doing things like reducing your social media usage to only 5 minutes per hour or putting your phone on do not disturb can help you better focus and take care of your responsibilities.

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