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Balancing College Sports & Classes

Last updated May 14, 2024

If you’re a college athlete, chances are you have a lot on your plate. While juggling school and sports can be rewarding and motivating, it’s not easy! If you need some support with balancing college sports and classes, we’re here to help. Here are some tips to balance and excel in both!

Soccer player kicking a ball on a field - Balancing College Sports & Classes

Know when and how to say no

“No” is a complete sentence! There may be times when balancing obligations like practice or studying is your sole priority, and you should feel empowered to say no to additional things you know you won't have time for. It can feel hard to set that boundary with the people around you, and you may miss out on some things, but prioritizing the essential things first is key. We recommend scheduling time to spend with loved ones or reaching back out once you've taken care of the most essential things!

Use your college's academic success center

While your sport may take up a lot of your time, your academics come first in college! Take advantage of the free resources offered through your school's academic success center, such as study and essay writing help, tutoring, learning support, and more. These resources can be especially helpful when your plate is full or when you need some extra support. 

Communicate with your professors

Your professors know that many of their students are balancing jobs, sports, and other obligations on top of their academics. This is why it's important to communicate with them often and work to build trust with them! Stay in touch about if or when you’ll need to miss class for games or practice, and be sure to attend office hours to ask questions about things you need help or clarification on. You will still need to put in the work to succeed in their classes, but building trust and clear communication with your professors can go a long way. 

Ask for help

Everyone needs help every now and then! Knowing when and how to ask for help is key, whether it's from your coaches, teammates, friends, or professors. Self-advocacy is an essential life skill, and college is the perfect time to start building it! Speak up for your needs and ask for extra support during challenging moments. 

Have any more tips for us about balancing college sports and classes? Text #Hello to 33-55-77 to chat with one of our advisors. If you're using a mobile device, click here to have the text message set up for you!

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