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Balancing College Sports & Classes

Last updated September 15, 2021

If you’re a college athlete, chances are you have a lot on your plate. While juggling school and sports can be rewarding and motivating, it’s not easy! If you’re having trouble balancing college sports and classes, we’re here to help. Here are some of our tips to balance the two (and excel in both)!

balancing sports and school

Know when and how to say no.

“No.” is a complete sentence! If you’re finding it hard to balance your obligations, like sports and school, feel empowered to say no to anything else that might distract you! It may be difficult to skip out on seeing friends or going out, but you’ll thank yourself later for prioritizing your grades. Try planning social time into your schedule, or catch up with your friends once you’ve taken care of business!

Take advantage of the learning center.

Your school’s learning center can help you stay on top of studying, maintaining your GPA, paper writing, and more all for free - take full advantage of it! If you find yourself falling behind, are having trouble prioritizing assignments, or just need some extra studying help, head to the learning center and talk with someone.

Communicate with your professors.

Your professors want you to succeed as much as you do! They know that many of their students are balancing jobs, sports, and other obligations on top of their schoolwork. Create a good relationship with them! Stay in touch with them about when you’ll need to miss classes or exams for games and practices, and ask them questions if you need help or clarification. This isn’t a free pass for you to skip class and turn in assignments late, though - you’ll need to build trust with your professors and show them that you’re a responsible student.

Ask for help!

Everyone needs help at some point or another! Knowing when and how to ask for help is key - whether it be from your coaches, teammates, or professors. Getting the help you need can only set you up for more success in school, your sport, and in your social life!

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