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Apply for our Fill Your Cup Scholarship!

Apply here for the Fill Your Cup Scholarship.

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What Should I Minor In?

How to choose a minor in college!


Why Knowing a Second Language Can Benefit Your Career

In a multicultural and interconnected world, knowing a second language has many benefits.

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Get to College

Find the information and support to help you on your path to college.

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Info and resources you need to fill out the FAFSA in order to receive federal financial aid for college.

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Choose a College

Learn how to search for and choose the right college for you.

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Scholarships for College

Here's where to look for scholarships and some scholarships to apply to.

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Succeed in College

Congrats! You're in college. Now let us help you master college's challenges.

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Getting Good Grades

College classes are challenging - gain the skills you need to succeed and excel!

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Office Hours, Learning Center

These are the two BEST ways to raise your grades and get help in challenging classes.

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Getting Involved on Campus

Learn about clubs, sports, leadership, research projects, working on campus, and more!

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Find a Job

Use our tips, helpline, and job search tool to find and do well in your first job.

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Job Application Help

We'll help you get calls back from the jobs you're applying to.

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Searching for Jobs

Learn how and where to search for jobs that match your skills, interests, and experience.

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Writing a Resume

Your resume is the most important part of the job application process. We'll help you make yours great.

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1-on-1 text help

Text us with your college application, job search, or school success questions!

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Tools for educators

Use Get Schooled's resources to help your students' college and career planning.

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