Get Schooled


    Get Schooled is a free college and career resource for students and educators. We’re a non-profit organization committed to helping youth with

    • college applications
    • financial aid
    • starting college
    • finding their first job
    • & much more!

    Get Schooled has partnered with more than 11K schools on this shared mission to empower and support youth on their educational and career pathways. Engage with Get Schooled in one or more of the following ways:

    School Challenges

    Sign up for a Get Schooled Challenge, friendly two to four month, school-school competitions focused on improving key indicators of college and career readiness (FAFSA completion, college application submissions or acceptances, job attainment, etc). Schools receive marketing materials and can earn cash grants based on their students’ engagement and progress.

    Read more about  School Challenges

    Resource Boxes

    Order a free, themed resource box to support your efforts: College Prep, Financial Aid, Test Prep, and Career Readiness. Boxes include posters, handouts, cheat sheets, and fun student-focused swag.

    Digital Content

    Use our site and encourage your students to do the same. It’s free, reflects best-practice college and career research, and we never sell or share user data. Encourage your students to create an account online and utilize our textline for the most personalized experience.

    Educator Newsletter

    Sign up for Get Schooled’s newsletter and receive regular updates on new content and engagement opportunities.

    Together we can help more young people succeed.

    Contact us today to receive free resources, learn about our school challenges, or join our national network.