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    Interview Coach: Practice Job Interview Skills with Our Free AI Interview Tool

    Looking to elevate your job interviewing skills? Interview Coach will help you practice for a job interview in just 15 minutes. After the interview, you’ll receive instant feedback on what you did well, and how you can improve. 

    What to Expect w/ Interview Coach

    Introducing Interview Coach by Get Schooled—a free, virtual, on-demand tool designed to boost your interviewing skills on your schedule 💪🏾

    1. Log in and choose the job type to practice with our friendly, professional coaches.
    2. During the session, you'll verbally answer 10 interview questions, recording each response.
    3. At the end of the interview, you'll receive an instant performance report detailing areas for improvement, insights into the 4 C’s of interviewing, and specific feedback on each question.
    4. Practice unlimited times to perfect your skills and ace your next interview!

    Get Schooled is committed to your privacy and take rigorous measures to protect your personal data, ensuring a secure and trustworthy experience. 

    Get Started!

    Key things to know: 

    • It’s free! Free interview practice with an AI coach - this is an automated and virtual experience so you can practice at your own pace, on your own time. ♻️

    • It’s fast! Interview in just 15 minutes and practice as many times as you want. The more you practice the better communicator and presenter you will be. ⏱️

    • It’s helpful! You’ll get a PERSONAL report with feedback on what and how to improve and what you’re doing well. This report changes based on each interview you take! 💪🏾

    • Three job types! Practice interviewing for Retail, Restaurant, and Coffee Shop jobs - interview skills that will translate to all job interviews! 🤝

    • It’s safe! We never sell your data or personal information. We’re using AI so that we can help as many young people as we can across the country at the same time. As always, we are committed to keeping all personal information safe and only shared between you and Get Schooled. Read more about our privacy policy here. 🔐

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