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High School Grad Party Ideas

Last updated August 14, 2023

Thank you for all of your wonderful submissions to Grad Party 2021! We love cheering you on in your educational journey. Here are some highlights of the submissions we received!


“We could play a game called ‘Guess When’ where the main guardian of the graduate shows pictures of the graduate from all 12 years of school. Party members must try and guess what school year the picture was taken. The party member who can guess the most school year pictures correctly gets to throw a pie at the graduate.” -Alexandria A.

“Some graduation celebration ideas I have is to go on a cruise with a few of my friends who graduated with me, to go repelling off of Colorado mountains, to go camping with a bunch of friends in the Uinta Mountains for a week, and I've had ideas to sit and watch the sunrise from the roof of the high school we graduated from.” -Brianna A.

“If I had a grad party, I would have it in an open field with tents and all sorts of amusement. Some types of amusement will include DJs, bouncy houses/slides, water rides/slides, and some mini roller coasters. There will also be food and drinks for everyone in attendance as well as gifts for all the grads and an announcement portion of the party.” -Ihfaz I.

“An outdoor grad party with food from all cultures in our school handed out in boxes. There can be a stage for poetry slam, performance, art, songs, cultural performances and many more about any topic like joy, graduation or even Covid-19 lessons. Then there's a raffle inside many balloons that has the best memories during high school. Then a drive thru option with gifts being given out. There can be a virtual meeting as well during this grad celebration. Personalized grad masks. Boxes of light can be sent out that we write down something we can look forward to and put in it. We speak about our future ahead and have a place to take pics with Polaroids.” -Ismahan M.

“My ideal graduation celebration party would consist of all my friends and family, of course. To make my celebration unique, I would get a customized cake with a picture of the K-POP girl group WJSN. The group who has helped me so much throughout high school and who have inspired my goals for my career as a global leader with the knowledge of many languages. I would get balloons that look like space stations and the cake would have a rocket and other planets as a cosmic concept as their name is Cosmic Girls in Korean. I will have my cap and gown blue and pink as those are the fandom colors. Finally, I would have light sticks and albums on display to flex my collection and as a sign of a goodbye party as I will go on to do more things in college.” -Emilie S.

“My creative celebration idea is to celebrate with family, most of my family is Mexican therefore my celebration would be in a ranch or in a large piece of land with a small group playing Mexican music - if not, the good old speaker. The setting I would decorate it with a large caramel pink and gold balloon garland and the tables would have a gold table cloth with pink confetti. There would be carne asada and/or tacos. I feel that the most important thing is to celebrate with the family and just have a good time.” -Evelyn N.

“Pet pool party and all the pets go into the pool and swim, if some pets are scared of water they can get on floaties to still be a part of the fun.” -Matilde C.

“I would love to have a plant-themed grad party! We could go to a park and plant trees, paint clay pots with our future college colors, and set up a photo booth with real plants as decoration.” -Andrea A.

“A party with a photo-booth so you'll be able to take your own pictures. Snacks, music, and inviting all our graduate friends. But with a twist, there will be hidden notes all around the place of the party with topics like ‘What was the best thing about your whole school career?’. Or topics about their childhood and their favorite memories. And at the end of the night all our friends will read them out loud and answer the question, maybe shed a tear because of how old we've gotten. Ending the night with all the graduates having sky lanterns with well wishes written on them launching them into the night sky, wondering where life will take us next." -Alejandra V.

“For my Graduation Party, I will have my guests sign a world globe as they enter the party. I will also have a 3D photo booth for our guests to take awesome pictures. I will be having a raffle based on the university I will be going to!! All guests will be able to guess and whoever guesses correctly will have the chance to win a huge prize!!! And finally, last but definitely not least, I will be having a donut wall!! I love donuts and what better than a donut wall!!!” -Diana C.

“During the pandemic we held a drive-thru graduation party for my granddaughter. We decorated the yard and had refreshments on a table for everyone to hop out, help themselves, leave cards, etc. You have to get creative sometimes!!” -Annette C.

“At my graduation we will be celebrating my Mexican heritage, with none other than authentic street tacos, made by my step dad. He will make them on site as people arrive, no need to rent a taco truck! We have our own personal Taquero. Taco Bout A Grad Party! We will also have a queso fountain!!! Where guests can make nachos, all kinds of Mexican Antojitos (snacks) that go with the queso. Like Taquis, Hot Cheetos, and chicharrones topped off with hot sauce etc. (Nacho Average Party) ;) And last but not least...Mexican Street Corn! My party will be held at our home, decorated in a soccer theme as it is my favorite sport and what I have just committed to play at Mount Mercy University, along with a mix of my Spanish culture as well. We want our guests to feel at home/like family, enjoy the atmosphere and celebrate with us in a festive way!” -Elijah L.

“My most creative celebration idea would be having a scavenger hunt with mini gifts and clues and the final clue leads to a party, but not just any party: a mechanical bull and glow in the dark party with friends and family.” -Emily M.


“My friends and I were gonna do a 'party crawl.' Everybody's family would be at everyone's respective houses and we would all start together and carpool to each house to meet family and hang out and spend about an hour to an hour and a half at each house before moving onto the next stop. Each house celebrates each kid individually but it's also good for the kids who have a solid friend group!” -Hailey M.

“For our graduation party, me and my gals are going to be taking the fast way around New York City. We will be hitting up a good Japanese restaurant in Queens. Playing at the Chinatown arcade in Manhattan. Going to Luna Park in Brooklyn. Hitting up a skateboard in the Bronx. Then we will end it with a swim at Rockaway Queens. This will all take place in 3 days, Friday, Saturday and Sunday!” -Min Z. 

"Everything is bigger in Texas, so why not have a big blowout to honor the graduate on her dedication and hard work? What way to do that with something that guests of all ages can enjoy? A mechanical bull ride!” -Jiselle R.

"I am graduating from both high school and community college though the running start program. I wanted to celebrate both at my graduation party. I decided to make 96 cupcakes, 24 black with yellow frosting, 24 yellow with black frosting (community college colors),24 blue cupcakes with white frosting, and 24 white cupcakes with blue frosting (high school colors). I have so many cupcakes and am so excited to celebrate with my friends and family.’ -Haeli J.

"To Celebrate my graduation, I plan to host a mini graduate parade with my family and close friends. Our families will line up in a nearby park in our cars to stay socially distanced and we will play graduation music while driving around behind one another!" -Herrin F.

Which one of these is your favorite? Let us know by leaving us a comment on Instagram @getschooled or text Hello to 33-55-77!

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