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Working With Bosses & Coworkers [Training]

Last updated June 22, 2022

Starting a new job? Put your job-readiness skills to the test by completing one of these free, 30-minute training modules from the Edge career skills program. Edge has lots of completely free job-readiness trainings about customer service, working on a team, becoming a leader, and more! These trainings can set you apart as you launch your career and help you learn valuable professional skills to take with you as you enter the workforce.

When you complete one of the modules below or the 23 others offered through Edge, you'll receive an official certificate by Arizona State University that you can add to your resume! Creating an account with Edge is required to access these modules. Happy learning!

Conflict resolution

All professionals deal with conflict at work - what sets leaders apart is how they resolve it. In this module you'll learn why, and how, leaders can use conflict as a tool to improve the performance of the entire team. Start the training.

Working on a team

Some jobs rely on more teamwork than others, but all require a basic level of working with others to achieve a goal. In this course, you’ll learn some skills that can help you be a great team member! Start the training.

Active listening

Active listening is the difference between hearing and really listening. As a good active listener, you will have better conversations everywhere you go. When you actively listen, you show people you care and that you understand all the details to get the job done correctly. Start the training.

Giving and receiving feedback

Feedback is meant to be a tool to help us improve. In this module, you will learn how to receive and give feedback in a constructive way that builds people up. Start the training.

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