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Why Feedback Is Your Friend

Last updated June 8, 2020

Everyone loves receiving positive feedback. It feels awesome when your boss, teacher, coworker, or friend gives you a high-five and tells you that you are doing a fantastic job. But there will come a time when you will receive negative feedback at work. While it may be uncomfortable to hear you missed the mark on a project or didn’t meet your boss’ expectations, receiving negative feedback is nothing to fear and is an important aspect of your personal and professional development. Here’s why.

Feedback is informative. Negative feedback helps you see where you can improve your performance. Imagine going to class all semester and not receiving grades from your teachers on your homework assignments and tests. How would you know if you are passing or failing your class if no one gives you any information? Same thing goes in the workplace. How can you sharpen your skills if your boss or coworkers don’t provide you with feedback and insights on how to improve? Feedback can help you become a better employee in any job.

Feedback shows that someone cares enough to help you improve. It might seem counterintuitive, but when someone provides you with feedback, take it as a compliment. If someone is willing to provide you with helpful honest feedback, it means they believe in your ability to get it right and want to help you succeed. Think about it. No manager, coworker or friend takes time out of their day to help you get back on track if they don’t think you are capable of being great.

Feedback builds resilience. Being open and receptive to feedback is a skill that takes time and practice to master. How you react to feedback is an indicator of your willingness to learn and grow. Feedback makes you more resilient because it empowers you to learn from your mistakes and to think of new and creative ways to get back up and try again.

So the next time you receive feedback that doesn’t seem super positive, think of it as an opportunity to show that you are capable of getting it right the next time around.

Pro tip: If no one is giving you feedback then ASK FOR IT! Use our guide on asking for feedback

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