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Last updated December 7, 2023

Studying is key to succeeding in your college classes. The process can be intimidating and overwhelming - especially if you’re in your first semester of college - but there are likely resources available on your campus that can help you learn better study strategies. Here are places to get some help as you study to rock your college classes!

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Many colleges and universities offer free tutoring services on campus, typically through the learning center - be sure to check in with them to learn more about scheduling time with a tutor. These tutors can help you with homework, projects, and review for an upcoming exam. You can also check your school's website or talk to your academic advisor to learn more about other tutoring opportunities on campus!  

Writing labs

Writing labs, also typically offered through your school's learning center, are great places to go to receive help on your writing! They are full of well-experienced writing tutors who will work with you to improve and refine your writing. This service is especially helpful for students who are taking a class that requires them to write a lot of papers or essays! 

Study groups

If you enjoy a collaborative learning environment, why not set up or join a study group? Study groups are helpful to connect with peers, ask questions, and help each other better understand challenging topics or concepts from class. Try creating a Facebook group or Instagram group chat to invite others to join your study group. Putting yourself out there can be intimidating - but so worth it to succeed in school and make new friends!

Office hours

Going to office hours can be intimidating, but your teachers and professors are there to help you succeed! By attending office hours, you can get in-depth explanations on difficult topics and tips on how to succeed in the class straight from your professors. Check your class syllabus to see if your professor is offering in person or virtual office hours, and for details on how to sign up. Before meeting with your professor, be sure to learn about the dos and don'ts of going to office hours!

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