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How to Survive Finals Week

Last updated August 17, 2023

How to Survive Finals Week

Welcome to finals week! While this is a stressful time for most students, there are ways to stay focused on studying and succeeding on your exams. Here are some tips to surviving finals week!

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Rank your finals by date

After you rank your finals by date, rank them by difficulty. This will help you prioritize your time with less time spent on the subjects you are confident about, and more time spent on subjects you're less confident about. 

Read your class syllabus

Use your class syllabus to outline your study sessions. This will help you pace your study sessions and thoroughly review all the class material rather than trying to cram or guess what will be on the exam.

Pull out your old quizzes/tests

Review your old quizzes and tests to review answers you got right in the past, as well as to go over incorrect answers and determine where you went wrong to avoid making the same mistakes on the final. 

Create a study schedule (and include breaks)

Don't try to cram all your studying in the night before your finals! As tempting as it may sound, cramming is not productive. Your brain will retain more information in shorter, more frequent study sessions than in one long session the night before the test.

Use studying apps

Check our our list of  apps that can help increase your studying productivity!

Get enough sleep the night before the test

Your brain will thank you. While you sleep, your brain will sort what you've studied to help you recall the information you need during the test.


Being hungry during an exam can be a major distraction, so be sure you've had enough to eat beforehand. 

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