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How To Start Journaling With Free Apps

Last updated August 17, 2023

How To Start Journaling With Free Apps

Journaling is a great (and free!) way to de-stress and unwind from the pressures of school, work, or more. These free apps can help you capture your thoughts and feelings, reflect, and plan for the future.


The app lets you record your mood and daily activities by choosing from different icons. With Daylio there is no need to write. However, there is an option to write a quick note, but the focus is to document your day in less than 5 minutes. You can see a monthly mood chart to get quick insights into how you felt throughout the month.

Free. Apple and Android

Grid Diary

Grid Diary provides you with prompts and inspiration to start writing. The app uses a customizable grid design to help you organize your thoughts. It is easy to add pictures and in-app stickers to each entry. There is an easy navigable calendar to reread old entries.

Free. Apple and Android


Journey makes it easy to switch from your phone to your computer and vice versa to journal. It has an easy user interface that lets you add pictures and videos in-between text. You can revisit old entries easily and share select posts with friends and family while keeping the rest of your entries private.

Free. Apple, Android and their website

Picture of someone's hands holding an Android phone.

How can I journal without an app?

Here's an option to journal without the added distraction of a device: 

  1. Set aside five minutes (or longer if you want). 
  2. Find a comfortable area, grab a piece of paper, and something to write with. 
  3. Pick one of these prompts to help you write:
    1. What am I grateful for today?
    2. How am I feeling?
    3. What is something I want to tell someone (or myself)?
    4. Check out Writing Prompts to Relieve Stress & Calm Anxiety for more ideas!
  4. Try to journal at the same time every day to build up the habit.

Jackie shows us her journal and shares what she does.

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