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How to Meditate for Beginners

Last updated August 17, 2023

How to Meditate for Beginners

Want to start meditating but aren't sure where to start? Meditation can take quite a bit of focus, dedication, and practice. Here are some tips and techniques for learning how to meditate.

Guided meditation 

Guided meditation is great for beginners who may need some extra help staying focused and grounded. There are great guided meditation sessions on YouTube, as well as free apps for Apple and Android that specialize in daily guided meditation.


Journaling is a great meditative practice that can help you reflect on your day, process your thoughts and decisions, or even help you to set goals. To start journaling, you can use either a paper and pen or a free journaling app on your phone. You can write about anything that’s on your heart or mind, or follow a specific prompt, like how you’re feeling that day, what’s on your mind, or what you’re most grateful for. Let your writing flow for 5-10 minutes and try not to erase anything you’ve written. When you feel you’ve written everything that’s on your mind, take a moment to read it all back and reflect. If you need more writing prompts, you can take to Google, or check out some of our writing prompts to relieve stress.


Get those endorphins flowing! Moving your body can be a great form of meditation, especially if you prefer to be active. Movement meditation can be done through yoga, dance, walking or running. Pick the one you’re comfortable with and focus on your breath as you move, the music you are listening to, or the way your muscles stretch. If you get distracted, bring your focus back to your body and breath.

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