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Top 5 Reasons To Graduate High School

Last updated April 25, 2024

Being a high school student can be overwhelming, especially if you're juggling academics, extracurriculars, and family responsibilities. If you've found yourself wondering whether staying in school is worth it, we want you to know that it is! Here are our top five reasons to stay in, and graduate, high school.

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Graduating high school opens the door to academic possibilities

Once you have your high school diploma, you can choose a path such as: 

If you've ever pictured yourself following any of these paths, it's important to know that graduating high school first is required! Having a goal to work toward can give you the motivation and momentum necessary to stay in high school now. You are capable and worthy of achieving anything you dream of!

Graduating high school opens the door to professional opportunities

The door to many career paths will be opened once you receive your high school diploma. You can do things like:

  • Work jobs that require at least a high school diploma
  • Explore internships that give you hands-on experience in fields you're interested in
  • Enter apprenticeship programs that train you in specific skills for various trades
  • Join a service program such as AmeriCorps

Many employers see a high school diploma as a basic requirement when hiring. Each day in high school brings you closer to the job opportunities you're aiming for. Your goals are within reach!

Graduating high school is a key step toward securing your financial future

Statistics show that your earnings are likely to increase if you stay in school! In 2022, individuals without a high school diploma earned around $682 per week. Compare this to the weekly earnings of individuals with a high school diploma ($853), or those who have received their associate degree ($1,005). If you're motivated to earn money and secure a stable financial future, graduating from high school is an essential first step.

Graduating high school improves your skills

Staying in school is a great way to develop essential skills that can benefit you in college, the workplace, and even in your personal life. School can help you gain essential skills such as communication, critical thinking, and time management. No matter what path you see yourself following after high school, these skills will always come in handy! 

Graduating high school is empowering!

You can do hard things! Making it to the end of high school is a life-changing and empowering experience whose benefits can have a lifelong impact. When you look back on your high school experience, you will have the satisfaction of knowing that you saw it through and accomplished something important. No matter how out of reach finishing high school may feel in the present moment, you are more than capable of succeeding.  

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