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Ways to Maintain Your High School GPA

Last updated August 17, 2023

Ways to Maintain Your High School GPA

Once your college applications are sent off, it’s essential to maintain your high school GPA and keep your academic momentum going! Your performance during your second semester of high school can potentially affect your acceptance to schools, as you will be required to submit a final transcript including your second semester of senior year grades. It can also affect any financial aid you’ve been awarded (such as scholarships), since some have minimum GPA requirements students need to meet to keep them. Here are some tips to help you stay on top of your grades and finish high school strong!

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Read the syllabus

If your teacher gives you a syllabus at the beginning of a class, print it out and read it! The syllabus tells you everything you need to know about that class - including big project deadlines, when exams are scheduled, how the class will be graded, and, most importantly, what weekly assignments you’ll need to complete. After you read the syllabus, be sure to write down important dates in a calendar or notebook to stay organized.

Ask questions

Your teachers want you to learn, enjoy the class material, and, most importantly, graduate! If you come across anything on the syllabus that confuses you or needs clarification, talk to your teacher about setting up a time to meet with them. When you meet, you can ask them questions, talk about future assignments, ask for tips on how to succeed in that class, and check to see if there will be any extra credit opportunities available in the future. Pro tip: Before asking your teacher a question about the class or classwork, check to make sure that it's not already answered in the syllabus. This will save time during your meeting and show them that you care enough about the class to review the syllabus thoroughly!


Putting the work in that you need to succeed in a class is key in high school, but especially in college! Honing your study skills in high school will benefit you once you start college, because you’ll already know what studying tips and tricks work best for you. To make studying fun and collaborative, try setting up a study group with friends. You can make flash cards, practice problems, complete your readings, and quiz yourself and others. Read more about our favorite study tips here, or check out some of these free online study resources that can help you succeed in your classes:

Practice self-care

Some students may feel overwhelmed, burnt out, or even a bit unmotivated after sending off their college applications, which is totally normal. College application season is a highly stressful time for many students, so once your applications are complete, it could be a great time to practice some self-care. Whether it’s hitting the gym or playing your favorite instrument, be sure to take some time for yourself to recharge and do things you enjoy. This can help you stay focused and motivated to finish the school year off strong!

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