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High School Sports Can Make You A Better Student

Last updated September 10, 2023

High School Sports Can Make You A Better Student

Let’s be real, playing a sport in high school can take up a lot of your time. While juggling your sport with school can sometimes feel overwhelming, it can also make you a better student! Here are some academic benefits of playing a sport in high school.

Time management

On top of managing all your different school subjects, you’re also juggling the responsibilities of your sport. You can take the lessons you’ve learned from your sport and apply them to your academics! For example, you may have dedicated practice time with your team three times a week for two hours at a time. During this time, you focus only on practice. You can do the same with your academics by setting aside regular focused time to work only on homework or studying. By intentionally blocking out this time, you’re much more likely to focus and take care of business.


As the saying goes, there is no “I” in “team.” Because you collaborate with others regularly in your sport, you may find it much easier to be a team player in the classroom, thoughtfully contributing to group projects and study sessions.

Communication skills

Since most sports are collaborative, they require lots of open communication. You communicate frequently with your teammates about plays, strategies, and tactics. As a student athlete, you’ll find it easier to communicate in school– especially with your classmates and teachers. Need some more time to complete your portion of a group project? Not understanding a key concept that will be on an upcoming test? You can communicate these things openly and honestly to receive the support you need.

Giving and receiving feedback

Improving in your sport requires determination and the ability to take constructive feedback in stride. If your coach or teammate corrects your form or technique, they’re doing so because they care about your improvement! The same can be said in the classroom. If a teacher gives you feedback about your performance on an exam or assignment, it’s because they care and want you to succeed. As you progress through your sport, you may find it easier to receive and implement feedback into all areas of your life. Additionally, you may find it easier to give constructive feedback too!


In addition to taking the time to practice and improve your skills as an athlete, you also need to be confident in yourself and your teammates! The same goes for your academics. Even if you take time to prepare for an exam or assignment, it’s important to have confidence in yourself as a student to succeed. Once you’ve built up confidence in your sport and in school, you may also find it easier to ask for and receive help when needed.

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