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The Summer Before College Checklist

Last updated March 1, 2021

Making your college decision is an exciting time. Once you have decided where you will be going in the fall there are still important tasks to complete to make sure you are prepared. We have created a summer before college checklist of what you need to do this summer to start your college journey on the right foot!

Setup your college email

Log in to your personalized college website, portal or app and set up your new email. Your username and password were most likely sent with your acceptance packet or email. 

Check the status of financial aid

Check the status of your financial aid to complete any outstanding steps. If necessary, contact your financial aid office for a change in circumstances form or to appeal your financial aid package. 

Register for orientation

Register for orientation! Check if orientation is in person or online for first year students and if there are any documents you must bring with you. Make sure to put the orientation date on your calendar! 

Complete your housing forms

If you are planning on living on campus, complete your housing forms. This may include completing a roommate survey, providing a housing deposit or completing a final acceptance of your housing placement. 

Check when your first tuition bill will be issued

Check when your first tuition bill will be issued and when it is due - put those dates on your calendar (and/or your share with the adults who might be paying those bills). Make sure you understand the balance that is remaining after your financial aid award. 

Complete your placement tests

Determine if you will need to complete a placement test for math, reading, or writing. Some colleges request tests prior to orientation while others oer them on campus before the start of the term. 

Check your college's health insurance policy

Check your college’s health insurance policy. Most schools automatically enroll students in their health insurance plan, which can be costly, unless you can share documentation of your own qualifying insurance. This may require a health insurance waiver. 

Send your final high school transcript and proof of immunizations

Submit any and all other required paperwork and documentation. Colleges expect you to send them your final high school transcript. If you are living on campus, your school may also require proof of immunizations. 

Contact your new college counselor or advisor

Contact your new college counselor or advisor if you need help over the summer. Counselors can help you finalize documents, register for events, and make sure you meet all deadlines.

Still have questions? Text “College” to 33-55-77 to get free, personalized support from a college advisor

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