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Top 5 Reasons To Graduate High School

Last updated August 17, 2023

Top 5 Reasons To Graduate High School

Top 5 Reasons To Stay In School

We know school can be hard work with classes, tests, and homework keeping you busy. It's okay to wonder if it's all worth it to stay in school, and we want you to know that it is! Here are the top five reasons to stay in - and graduate - high school.

Graduating high school is a gateway to a college degree

Without either a high school diploma or equivalent (GED, etc.), you won't be able to attend college.

Graduating high school is a key step toward securing your financial future

The median weekly earnings for a high school dropout were $619 for high school drop outs in 2021. Compare that with individuals whose highest degree was a high school diploma - a $781 median weekly income. Even further, individuals with a high school diploma and some college education had a median weekly income of $877. Education is, plain and simple, a statistically reliable way to secure your and your future, financially.

Remember that thing we said about a high school diploma or equivalent being necessary to pursue a college degree? College graduates with a bachelor’s degree had median weekly earnings of $1,305+ in 2020. Secure the bag!

Graduating high school opens the door to so many more opportunities

Greater earnings, likelihood of retaining employment, likelihood of pursuing higher education, and more are all statistically more likely among high school graduates. Plus, a high school diploma is a standard requirement for most jobs, which gives you more options towards the career path you want. Set yourself up for success!

Graduating high school improves your skills

Staying in school is a great way to develop essential skills that can benefit you in college, in the workplace, and even in your personal life. This can include study habits, time management skills, interpersonal skills, critical thinking, communication skills, and more. Learning these skills in high school can help you achieve success as you graduate and enter the “real world”.

Graduating high school is empowering!

Even if you don't feel like those earnings projections matter to you right now, it just feels good to be able to say you have your high school degree. Quavo of Migos went back to school in 2020 to finish his high school degree, even though he's set for life financially through his music career!

The reasons to stay in school are all there! If you need help, text "Hello" to 33-55-77 and we'll talk through it with you!

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