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How to Rock Your First 90 Days On The Job

Last updated December 21, 2021

Starting a new job is exciting and overwhelming. You’re meeting new people, learning new processes and trying to figure out how to be a great employee. Here are a few tips to help you be successful during your first 90 days on the job.

First 30 Days

Start strong by making a good first impression: People make assumptions about your personality and ability to do your job based on first impressions (let’s be honest, we all do it because we’re human). From arriving on time, to dressing the part and asking smart questions, learn how to make a great first impression by reviewing our how to rock your first day on the job guide.

Meet with your manager and team to clarify expectations: Schedule one-on-one time with your boss and coworkers to learn about their jobs, how you will work together, what resources you will need to be successful in your role, and how your performance will be measured. This will help you get clarity on your job and responsibilities, establish relationships with your coworkers, and help you set goals for what you hope to accomplish during your first 90 days.

Learn about the company: Understand the goals of your company, the mission, the people they serve, and any products or services they offer. Take the time to review your employee handbook and any information your boss or colleagues give you. Ask to sit in on meetings to get up to speed on what’s happening in the company and offer to take notes or handle small tasks that add immediate value while helping you learn the ropes faster and understand how your work fits into the larger goals of the organization.

Create a plan for achieving your goals: You’ve met with your manager and have a list of goals you need to accomplish. Now it’s time to create a plan. What steps will you take in order to achieve your goals? How much time and resources will it take? What support do you need along the way? Write it down. 

60 Days

Provide updates and next steps: Remember the goals you set and the plan you created your first 30 days on the job? What is the status? Take initiative and schedule a meeting with your manager and team to provide a progress update. What have you accomplished, where do you need help, and what are your next steps?

Assess your role and add value: 60 days in you should have a better understanding of your job, some of your strengths you bring to the role, and areas you need to further develop. Note the areas where you need additional resources or training, but also identify areas where you can add value to the company by making the company smarter.

90 Days

Have a 90-day check in with your manager: A 90-day review is a great way to check in with your manager to provide an update on the goals laid out in your first month on the job. What milestones does your manager expect you to have reached in the next three months? The next year? This is always a great opportunity to ask for and give feedback.

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