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How to Write a Professional Email [Video]

Last updated August 17, 2023

How to Write a Professional Email [Video]

Whether you are applying for a job, working on a school project, or trying to build your network , it is essential to know how to write  a professional email. A great professional email is easy to understand, gets to the point quickly, is free of typos, and is polite. Want some examples? Look no further!

Applying for a job?

Dear [Hiring Manager or The person's name],

I would like to express my deep interest in a position as an [insert position here] at your company.

As a recent individual with retail service and extensive volunteering experience, I believe I am a strong candidate for a position at the [123 Company].

You specify that you are looking for someone with strong interpersonal skills. As a cashier at [XYZ store], I learned to be a strong team leader and became adept at ensuring customers receive an attentive, enjoyable experience. I'm also excellent at conflict resolution.

My maturity, practical experience, attention to detail, and eagerness to enter the [XYZ business] will make me an excellent [insert position here]. I would love to begin my career with your company and am confident that I would be a beneficial addition to the [123 Company].

I have attached my resume to this email. Thank you so much for your time and consideration.


[Your Name]

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A screenshot of an example professional email (How to Write a Professional Email)

Got a question you need answered in person?

Hi [Manager's name],

I'm encountering a few issues with [XYZ task]. I want the finished product to be as perfect as possible, so I was wondering if we could carve out time this week, if you're available, to meet and discuss/help with [the issue or question you have]. Would this work for you? Let me know.


[Your name]

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A screenshot of an example professional email (How to Write a Professional Email)

Need to send out a task list?

Use bulleted lists to keep it short and easy to understand! (this example is for a retail store)

Hi team!

This is a huge week for us in the store! We'll need to ensure the following are taken care of in order to ensure our success:

  • Restock merchandise
  • Set up new displays in the store window
  • Take inventory and submit new orders as necessary.
  • Send out schedules for the month. Place any time-off requests and ensure missing shifts are covered.

If you have any questions, or additions to the list, please let me know!


[Your name]

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A screenshot of an example professional email (How to Write a Professional Email)

Looking for more tips on how to be successful on the job?  Check out these articles or text #Jobs to 33-55-77 to chat with one of our jobs coaches. If you're using a mobile device, click here to have the text message set up for you!

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