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Being a Student-Athlete | #WeBelongInCollege Stories

Last updated June 24, 2024

Watch these #WeBelongInCollege stories to learn how college student-athletes balanced both their sport and their academics. 

Nicole’s #WeBelongInCollege Story

Nicole began to lose her motivation and confidence once she started to compare herself to the people around her, especially her swim teammates. Luckily, her sister introduced her to a new athletic training program that helped her find a greater passion helping other athletes heal and recover.

Myles’s #WeBelongInCollege Story  

Myles was a student-athlete but sustained an injury that had him sidelined. In his story, he explains how he coped.

Enoch’s #WeBelongInCollege Story   

Enoch dreamed of playing college football. When an injury kept him from playing in his first year, he became extremely depressed and stopped going to class. After reaching out to his roommate for help, he realized he wasn’t the only one struggling.

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