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Last updated September 28, 2021

Admit it, sometimes we need help, even when it comes to studying. Check out the different places you can get help!


Many schools offer tutoring services throughout campus. Check the school’s website or ask an academic advisor where tutoring is held at your school. To learn more about tutoring, check out How To Use The Learning Center. Don’t be embarrassed or afraid to get tutoring help! 

Writing Lab

Writing labs are great places to go to receive help on your writing! They are full of well-experienced writers who will work with you to get your writing where you want it to be. 

Study Groups

Study groups will be formed in your courses by your classmates or yourself. These are excellent to join because you’ll be able to teach and help one another! If there’s something you’re not getting, chances are someone in the group knows. If there’s something you get but they don’t you’ll have the opportunity to share and further strengthen your understanding. Still learning virtually? Here are our tips for working with professors and classmates while distance learning! Set up a group chat on Facebook and use a video communication app like Zoom, which you can sign up for for free(!), for study sessions “together”. 

Office Hours

Going to office hours can seem scary, but in reality your teacher or professor will think of you as a rock star. Not many students utilize this, but if you choose to you won’t be sorry. You can get very detailed answers, different explanations, and tips on how to pass the class straight from the source. Check your class syllabus to see if your professor is offering in person or virtual office hours and for details on how to sign up. Before going to your first meeting check out our article, Dos and Don'ts of Going to Office Hours, so you can get the most out of your time! 

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