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How to Use Your College's Career Center

Last updated October 27, 2022

How to Use Your College's Career Center

Preparation is paramount when trying to land that job you have your eyes on. Whether it’s an on campus job at the library or getting your dream job after college, setting yourself up for success requires intentional preparation.

College campus career centers are a great place to get support and guidance to make you stand out in any application or interview process. At the career center, you can find jobs to work as a student and after graduation, learn about internship opportunities, attend professional development workshops, and get access to several resources to help launch your career. Did we mention that career center services are FREE?

Here’s a quick topic list of what the career center can help you with:

Preparing to Find A Job:

  • Write Your Resume – Get tips on creating an effective resume and cover letter. Need a second opinion on your resume? We can help too!
  • Prepare for Your Interview – Everything you need to know about how to have an impressive interview and claim the job that is yours. Career center advisors will even role play as a potential employer to help you practice your interview skills and provide you feedback.
  • Attend Workshops– Many career centers offer workshops to help you build your career skills. Topics can vary from resume building 101, stress management, informational interviews and networking.
  • Develop Your Elevator Pitch – When Networking with potential employers, you don’t always have a ton of time to share all of your experience and credentials. Preparing and rehearsing an elevator pitch will help you share the most important attributes about yourself when the opportunity presents itself. The key is to keep it short (about the length of time of an elevator going from the bottom floor to the top) hence the name. Career Centers can help you refine your pitch so you’re ready for your moment to impress your future boss.
  • Job Hunting & Networking Tips – Get suggested job-hunting strategies, ask for introductions to alumni who graduated from your school to request informational interviews to learn more about their career fields, and brush up on your networking skills.

You’re Hired!

  • Your Campus Job Portal – Apply for full-time jobs, part-time jobs, work-study positions, or internships on campus. Many colleges and universities have partnerships with companies who will post their job openings on the campus jobs portal. Handshake is also a great way to find jobs as a college student. The jobs are out there, you just have to use your resources to find one.
  • Building Your Brand – Get support on building your brand to make you the ideal candidate for the job. Having a strong LinkedIn profile and portfolio of experiences can really set you apart from the competition. Career centers know what employers are looking for and will make sure you look the part!
  • Internships – Internships are an excellent way to find valuable work experience in your field before or after graduation. Employers oftentimes form partnerships with the career center to employ students from different majors because they know their students are career ready. If you are interested in finding a remote internship that you can do from home, check out our guide on where to find online internships!

For a list of more career center resources, visit your college's career center website. Looking for a job off campus? Use JobLaunch to find entry level jobs near you!

For more free resources to help you on your college or job search journey head to or text #Hello to 33-55-77 to chat with a college or job advisor.

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