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How to Give Back on a Budget

Last updated October 11, 2021

There are many ways to show you care with just your time and effort. Think about your different interests and how you can use your skills to help others. People are super appreciative when you show up and genuinely care. Here are different ways to volunteer and give back without breaking the bank!

Sign-up on a volunteering website

Visit these websites to learn about volunteer opportunities:  VolunteerMatch, Idealist, and You can filter by location, skills, time commitment and more. There are remote and in-person positions. If you are interested in helping in-person, ask how they have adjusted their safety procedures due to COVID-19.

Follow and engage with social media accounts

Follow nonprofits with missions and values that align with your views. Take the time to like, share, and leave supportive comments to nudge the internet algorithms to display the nonprofit's social media account to the front page. If you feel up to it, DM them and ask about volunteer opportunities.

Giving Back on a Budget

Host or organize a donation drive

What are things you don't need or use anymore? Are they in good condition? Ask your friends and family for things they don't need or use anymore, too. Then donate these items to your local charity, church, or nonprofit.

Help your neighbors

Know a neighbor that might need some help with their yard, cleaning, getting food or other tasks? Reach out to them to set-up time to help and to do it safely.

Write a note to someone

By nature, people love compliments and receiving appreciation. Take some time to send out notes of gratitude to your friends and family. You can write a note to your teacher, your mail person, delivery person, or a store clerk.

Become pen pals

The lost art of writing letters is making a huge comeback. The organization Soldiers’ Angels will connect you with a service member overseas. A student focused organization PenPal Schools will help you connect with other students around the world.

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