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Why Knowing a Second Language Can Benefit Your Career

Last updated November 9, 2023

In a multicultural and interconnected world, knowing another language not only improves your brain health, but it can also open you up to so many possibilities! Whether you’re multilingual or are just starting to learn, here’s a few reasons why knowing a second language can help in your career–  including experiences from Get Schooled staff! 

More job opportunities

With many companies expanding on a global level, employers are always looking for candidates who can communicate in different languages. When applying for jobs, having a second language listed on your resume can give you a competitive edge and will help you stand out from other applicants. It can even open more opportunities for higher-paying jobs! Knowing multiple languages is also highly beneficial for various career paths and professions, including journalists, teachers, lawyers, interpreters/translators, flight attendants, and more!

Build relationships and expand your network

Speaking more than one language can help you make meaningful connections while building your network, or even while on the job. It can be difficult to translate expressions, ideas, and emotions from one language to another, as it can feel unnatural or disconnected. Speaking with your colleagues or customers in their native language can allow you to build trust with each other and have genuine conversations. This can also help you expand your perspectives and better understand different cultures, therefore being more appreciative and open to new ideas.

Start learning! 

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How knowing a second language helps us at Get Schooled!

We asked our Get Schooled staff if they know a second language and how it’s helped them in their college and professional careers.

Eric, Senior Program Manager - College & First Jobs Advising

Languages known: Spanish and English

"Being bilingual has helped me in many instances in my career in higher education. Working in spaces that supported predominantly first-generation students of color, I have had the ability to communicate with Spanish speaking students and families about the college going process in a language accessible to them. I've seen firsthand the relief in a parent's eyes when someone can speak to them about their student's new experience that can be very unfamiliar to them."

Lisa, Manager - Office & Human Resources

Languages known: English and French

"Having knowledge of a second language has helped with my writing. Understanding sentence structure in another language improved my writing in English. It was also super fun to see the Latin roots in words across many languages. Big bonus, Spanish and Italian are easier for me to learn because of my knowledge of French."

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