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    Expert Guidance to Navigate FAFSA & State Aid 📲

    Securing financial aid for college empowers students to pursue their dreams and achieve their goals! Whether you’re completing the FAFSA, submitting state-based aid, or looking for scholarships, we’re here to support you every step of the way. Check out our expert resources for navigating and securing financial aid for college. 👇🏾 

    Chat with a Financial Aid Advisor

    Need some support in completing your financial aid forms or finding aid for college? Connect with our expert Advisors who understand your unique needs and can help you secure the financial aid you need to make college a reality.

    *Get Schooled’s Financial Aid Advisors are available to help daily from 9am - 6pm PT


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    Learn from FAFSA Experts ✍🏿

    🚀 Unlock Financial Aid with Get Schooled & uAspire! 🎓 Join our YouTube Live events for real-time Financial Aid support:

    • When? June 25 at 6 PM OR June 29 at 11 AM

    • Where? YouTube Live – Register now!

    • What? Bring your questions to our interactive AMA sessions, win cool prizes, and learn about scholarship opportunities. Perfect for HS seniors, college freshmen, and families!

    🎉 Why Attend?

    • Live Q&A: Get immediate answers.

    • Exciting giveaways and scholarship announcements!

    • Text #FAFSALive to 33-55-77 for personalized support now and post-event.

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    In 2024, students secured $400K+ using Get Schooled’s free Scholarship Finder!

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