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You’re FIRED! How do you land another job?

Last updated October 18, 2020

So you got a little lazy at work or didn’t get along with a supervisor and next thing you know, you were fired. It happens - to many of us - and it is not the end of your professional life, but it is important to recover correctly. Here’s what you need to know to land a job after you’ve been fired.

Reflect and learn.

Make sure you understand what led to your being fired and try to own your responsibility for the mistakes. Focus on what you can learn from the experience and don’t blame or badmouth that employer.

Keep the job you were fired from on your resume.

Unless you were only at that job for a hot second, keep it on your resume and just include the start and end dates with no additional explanation. Make sure that your resume shows what skills and knowledge that job required and the responsibilities you had.

Use the right language in new job applications.

Many job applications will ask you the reason for leaving a previous job. Be succinct and honest. You can say that the job ended, that you were laid off, or that you were terminated. But be prepared to explain your answer in a subsequent interview. Lead with honesty!

Practice for an interview.

You will get asked about why you left a prior job so prepare your answer. Be honest and brief. Be clear and succinct about what you learned, without blaming or badmouthing that employer. Then, pivot back to discussing the role you have applied for and reiterate your interest. 

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