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#WeBelongInCollege 2023 Scholarship Winners

Last updated April 17, 2023

Congratulations to the 2023 #WeBelongInCollege Scholarship Winners, selected by our review panel and your peers! Please take a moment to watch and listen to their stories of struggle and perseverance. We would also like to thank everyone who shared their #WeBelongInCollege story. Check back with us or follow along on social media as we’ll be sharing more of their stories in the coming months!

Brandon's #WeBelongInCollege Story

Brandon moved away from home for college and started running into many different problems such as being homesick and struggling to make friends. It started to affect his life so he began to look into mental health resources, became more educated, and gradually started to improve!

Corlisa's #WeBelongInCollege Story

Corlisa made it through undergrad, but now faces the next challenge: what comes next? Corlisa is up for the challenge and gives advice on how to stay positive during times of stress.

Nakaiya's #WeBelongInCollege Story

Nakaiya was a great student all throughout high school, but college was a different beast. She then experienced a new level of stress, anxiety, and depression when struggling with a new class in college. Her advice – take advantage of all your resources on campus!

Zakiyat's #WeBelongInCollege Story

Like many students, Zakiyat started college during the COVID pandemic. When classes resumed in-person, Zakiyat found it hard to stay focused and create connections with her professors and TA’s, but thanks to the support of her family and friends, she found resources on campus that could help her adjust.

If you would like to watch the other 12 finalists, check out our #WeBelonginCollege playlist on TikTok! All of our 12 finalists were posted on TikTok where other students, teachers, and family helped vote for which stories they liked the most.

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