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15 Calming Hobbies for Any Experience Level

Last updated May 14, 2024

Whether you're in high school or college, taking some time to practice a hobby you enjoy can improve your stress levels and overall well-being! We share 15 calming hobbies for any experience level. Try one of them out and let us know what you think by leaving us a comment on Instagram!


Baking can teach you to follow recipes, experiment with techniques and flavors, and allows you to see (and taste!) the results of your hard work. Baking can also boost your understanding of chemistry and math while giving you a rewarding way to share what you've made with your loved ones.


Coloring can be a great form of self-expression and relaxation, allowing you to unwind while focusing on the details. 


Dancing is a fun and energetic way to stay active, express yourself, and explore cultures through movement. 

Doing yoga

Practicing yoga can help you stay active while decreasing stress. YouTubers like Yoga With Adriene are making yoga accessible for all by regularly uploading free guided sessions for all experience levels. 


Hiking doesn't just mean exploring the wilderness! Try going for a walk around your city or neighborhood to clear your mind, get some exercise, and see your community from a different perspective. 


Journaling allows you time and space for self-reflection in all areas of your life. You can either use pen and paper or a free journaling app to get started!


Knitting can be a relaxing way to develop patience and attention to detail while being able to see (and wear!) the results of your hard work, like hats, scarves, or sweaters.

Listening to music

Exploring new music genres can spark your creativity while helping you relax and explore new cultures. 


Meditation can help you find mental and emotional clarity. Read our guide on meditating for beginners to learn more.


Painting encourages you to express your creativity, improve your focus, and develop an appreciation for aesthetics.

Playing an instrument

Learning to play an instrument can help you express yourself and flex your creative muscles while practicing skills like time management and routine building.


Working on puzzles can help you develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills. 


Reading exposes you to new ideas and can improve your comprehension and vocabulary. It’s also a great way to escape and immerse yourself in different cultures and histories.

Taking care of plants

Caring for plants teaches responsibility and patience while beautifying your space. 

Writing creatively

When you practice creative writing, you can design characters and stories from your imagination while developing your writing skills and exploring new perspectives.

With so many options to choose from, there's bound to be a hobby that interests you! Anything we missed? Leave us a comment on Instagram @getschooled or text #Hello to 33-55-77 (if you're using a mobile device, click here to have the text message set up for you)!

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