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Double Major Tips

Last updated January 29, 2020

Pursuing a double major is not an easy feat, but it is definitely possible. Check out these tips if you’re thinking about having two majors.

1. Start Early

Typically, students declare their majors at the end of their sophomore year. If you do decide to double major in a subject it would be wise to declare by the end of your sophomore year. You want to give yourself enough time to determine whether or not pursing a double major is feasible with your schedule, workload, and credits.

2. Plan everything out to make sure you have the right amount of credits

Pursuing a double major will be time consuming because you are doing double the workload. Make sure you map everything out so that you are not conflicting with any necessary classes for both majors. You also want to make sure you are balancing your classes efficiently and not taking on more than you can handle during the term.

3. Make sure your majors are closely related

There are certain majors that complement each other naturally in terms of subject matter and scheduling. Those are the majors that will enhance skills to pursue the career of your choice. Even though it is not impossible to pursue a double major in Chemistry and Journalism, it will definitely be more realistic if you double major in Chemistry and Biology or Journalism and Government.

4. As your advisor for advice

Before deciding to take on a double major, ask your advisor if it is realistic to go forward with it. Your advisor will be able to let you know if you have the credits and the time to realistically complete your double major on time. They are also going to be there to assist you along the way, so an initial conversation is very necessary.

5. Make sure you’re doing it for the right reasons

Many students think that just because they have two majors in their degree that it would look good on their resume. Even though it would be impressive, that should not be the only reason to pursue a double major. Ultimately, because you will be spending so much time completing the coursework, it is important that you enjoy the work.

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