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Requesting an Enrollment Deposit Fee Waiver

Last updated November 2, 2022

Requesting an Enrollment Deposit Fee Waiver

What is an enrollment deposit fee?

An enrollment deposit fee is essentially a non-refundable payment made to your college of choice to guarantee your spot in the incoming class. This fee varies depending on the school - and can range anywhere from $100 to $1,000. This deposit is applied to your tuition bill and may be used to confirm your housing, registration for orientation, or other on-campus fees. If you need help with this enrollment deposit, you can apply for an enrollment deposit fee waiver (just like with your college application fees).

Requesting an Enrollment Deposit Fee Waiver

Where to start with requesting an enrollment deposit fee waiver

Before paying your enrollment deposit, do a final review of your financial aid package and make sure you fully understand the funding you will be receiving for educational expenses. If you are having trouble understanding, reach out to the school’s financial aid office and speak to an advisor to seek clarification. Even with the help of financial aid, some students and their families may be worried about finding the funds to make the deposit payment.

What if I can't afford to pay the enrollment fee? 

If you or your family is experiencing financial hardship, you can submit an enrollment deposit fee waiver request directly to your college or university. This can sometimes be done directly on your student account but in the case you cannot, get in touch with your college’s Admissions Office. Make sure you are mindful of upcoming deadlines and reach out with time as you don’t want to miss securing your spot. The National Association for College Admission Counseling, or NACAC, has created a helpful waiver form that can be completed without having to print anything.

Is an enrollment fee binding?

The enrollment fee is meant to secure your spot at a school. While you do not have to go to the school if your plans change, most enrollment fees tend to be non-refundable.

If you are having trouble figuring out the college application process, text #Hello to 33-55-77 and one of our advisors can help point you in the right direction! 

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