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5 Things to Do When Visiting Colleges

Last updated August 17, 2023

5 Things to Do When Visiting Colleges

Visiting a college is much more than a campus tour. If you're able to, it's important to actually visit the campuses you are considering since you will call it home for 4 (or more) years! Here are 5 things to check off your list when visiting your potential new home!

Explore academic programs 

 If you have an idea of what you want to major in, make an appointment with a professor or advisor in that department to learn more about the academic program requirements and support systems to ensure that it's in line with your interests and career goals. If you're unsure of what your goals are, that's okay too! Talking to a professional in that department can also help you narrow down your list of majors there that interest you.

Check out the student center

While academics are the most important thing to take into consideration when deciding which college you're going to choose, campus culture is so important too! Ideally, the school you're going to be attending will have a culture that aligns with your interests and personality. Check out the campus hangout spots and student spaces - like the student center - to get a sense of the day to day life of students at a college. Be sure to ask about what kinds of events typically happen around and off campus too, like sporting events, concerts, the best places to eat, and more!

Visit admissions and financial aid

Typically, during a scheduled campus visit, colleges will show interested students a presentation about the application and financial aid process, campus life, and student opportunities. These sessions are your chance to get some pretty important information early, which could inform your decision to apply or commit to that school down the road!

Go straight to the source: ask the students

College students are typically pretty friendly, especially because they’ve been in your position before! If you have a specific question, try asking a student walking around campus about their experience at that college. What are the pros and cons of attending school there? Why do they love it? What are some clubs or events on campus that students love? It can be intimidating to start a conversation with a stranger, but the payoff could be huge - especially if their perspective helps you make a decision later!

Take notes

Good note-taking is key in college - so start early! Document your experience on campus in a notebook or your device by taking notes about the pros and cons of each campus experience. This will come in handy when you need to compare and contrast your top choices and make a final decision. Use our FREE college tour note sheet to keep all your thoughts, notes, and questions organized! Just click the button below

Any questions about touring colleges? Text us! Send #Hello to 33-55-77 to speak with one of our college advisors. 

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