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Last updated December 11, 2023

This is The Way: Career Stories to Find Your Way – a video series created by Get Schooled. In this series, you'll hear from real pros on how they got to where they are and what advice they have for young people who are starting their first jobs. There is no one way to finding the perfect career - we're here to help you find your way.

Do you want to know how to make your money work for you, or do you identify as an entrepreneur? Or maybe you want to help others reach their goals? This video, and the stories below, can help you get the keys to unlocking a career in business and finance!

Finding Mentors to Find Your Path with Angela N!

Company: New York Life

Title: Financial Specialist

Experience at current job: 1 year

Postsecondary: Oakland University

Angela is a Financial Specialist at New York Life and credits mentorship as a key to finding success and fulfillment at work.

Controlling Your Own Destiny with Gerald L!

Company: UBS

Title: Executive Director

Experience at current job: 6 years

Postsecondary: Middlesex County College, Rutgers University, Columbia University 

Gerald works at UBS Investment Bank as an Executive Director. His journey goes from living in his car to believing in himself with the help of key mentors.

Going Outside Your Comfort Zone with Kevin G!

Company: UBS

Title: Financial Analyst

Experience at current job: 19 years

Postsecondary: Aston University

Kevin is a Financial Analyst at UBS Investment Bank. He didn't grow up knowing what his options were, but a business trip when he was young changed everything. 

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