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The Way: Career Stories for Find Your Way

Welcome to Get Schooled's video series "The Way: Career Stories to Find Your Way". This series will show you that while there is no one path to find to a fulfilling career, there are stories from people just like you who found their way. Click below to see videos from pros in jobs and industries that interest you!

Career Pathways

Media & Arts

Expressing yourself is both an art and a job!


Talking and writing for a job!? Yes please!


All about that money!


Mission-oriented work can change lives, including yours!


A career where you can create something you can wear (or eat!).

Experience Level

Fresh Outta School

Stories from folks who are early in their career and passionate about what they do!

Climbing That Ladder

Hear stories about career twists and turns and creating a chosen future.

Be a Boss

Career stories of longevity, expertise, and being a boss!

Get Involved!