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How Expensive Are You?

Last updated April 19, 2021

Curious to know much does it costs to pay for your lifestyle? Use this guide to calculate how expensive you are. 

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Credit Vs. Debit | How Does It Impact Me As A College Student?

Understanding the difference between debit and credit cards is necessary when opening a bank account! Credit Vs. Debit for college students

Expensive College Application Fees Got You Down? Get A Waiver

College application fees can add up quickly! Here's how to request an application waiver to save some money.

How to Send SAT & ACT Scores To Colleges

You get up to four free score reports! Here's how to send SAT scores and ACT scores to colleges.

What to Know About The Common Black College Application

Want to apply to Historically Black Universities (HBCUs) while cutting down on application costs? Use the Common Black College Application!

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