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Study for the SAT: Free Resources, Advice, & More

Last updated June 9, 2022

Study for the SAT: Free Resources, Advice, and More

The SAT is a challenging test, but if you give yourself enough time to study you'll do great! Keep reading to find out where you can take advantage of free SAT resources, learn about different study strategies, and more!

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1. Knowing how the SAT is set-up ahead of time can make a difference in how you complete it. Here's a breakdown of the different sections:

  • Reading – 60 mins for 47 multiple choice,
  • Writing – 35 mins for 44 multiple choice,
  • Math no calculator – 25 mins with 17 multiple choice and grid-ins (or open-ended),
  • Math – 45 mins with 31 multiple choice and grid-ins.

2. Since the SAT is a timed test, read our article on how to manage your time so that you can complete the different sections as efficiently and accurately as possible. Also check out our strategies on how to answer multiple choice questions.

3. Check with your teacher for study material. They might have handouts or other material that previous students have found helpful.

4. Visit your bookstore or local library for a study guide (Ask the librarian for SAT Study Prep books, College Board, etc.). These books have sample questions/practice tests and provide hints on how to think about questions

5. Designate time to study and have your friends and family test you. Having a trusted person involved can help in holding yourself accountable and keep you motivated!

6. Visit College Board's College Readiness for a practice test and sample questions. They release past tests for free on their SAT Study Guide page.

7. Practice at Khan Academy. Khan Academy will personalize a study plan for you.

8. Check out the Princeton Review for their Free Online Practice Prep and other Events and Webinars

9. Kaplan also offers free practice tests. If you don't have time to practice a full SAT test, they also offer shortened, 20-minute assessments as well as an SAT Question a Day.

10. Free practice tests are available at Union Test Prep by Become. You'll need to pay to access their bonus content, but there is enough free content to help you feel well-prepared.

Any advice we forgot to mention? Let us know! Text #Hello to 33-55-77 👋

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