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How to Connect to Your Culture in College

Last updated November 1, 2023

For many students, attending college is the first time they’ve ever been away from home. Adjusting to a new environment can be a social and cultural shock, but colleges are full of clubs and communities that can help you feel more at home. Whether you’re looking for more of your culture on campus or are curious about other cultures and communities, there’s a space for you! Here are some ways you can connect with your culture in college.

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Join a cultural club on campus

Most schools have student-led culture groups that meet, plan campus events, and go on outings together. Ask around your dorm or find information on your school’s social media accounts about the different cultural clubs offered on campus. Groups like Black Student Union, Latinx Club, and more exist to hold space for people wanting to connect with and learn more about different cultures. These groups historically united students of similar identities to bond over their interests and experiences, but you typically can join any cultural club you want - even if you don’t identify with that culture . Not only is this a great learning experience, it’s also an opportunity to make new friends!

Find groups and events in your community

There’s always something interesting happening in a college community! Join local Facebook groups and follow Instagram accounts for clubs and organizations in your area that interest you. When they post about an event you want to attend, grab a friend and go!

Play an intramural sport

If playing sports was a way you expressed yourself and made friends back home, join an intramural sport in college! Intramural sports allow college students to play sports for fun and for free. You can typically find sign-ups for intramural sports online, or in-person at your school’s Student Union Building.

Find food in your community

Starting to miss home-cooked meals? Grab a friend and find a local spot around campus that serves your favorite food. If you can’t find anywhere that serves it, why not cook it? Gather some friends, buy the ingredients, and use your dorm’s kitchen to cook the food that reminds you of home!

Find a place of worship near you 

If you are connected to loved ones through your religion, try finding a local place of worship in your area. Just enter your zip code into one of these links below to begin:

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