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    I Applied For A Job! Now What?

    You’ve shot your shot, applied for a job (or several!), and now you’re waiting to hear back from hiring managers. First, pat yourself on the back - you’re taking concrete steps toward getting hired. Next, check out this list of things to mindful of after applying to jobs:

    • Check your email inbox regularly, look for an application confirmation
    • Answer any unknown phone calls - it might be the hiring manager trying to reach out to you!
    • If you don’t hear anything back after 2 weeks, consider sending a follow-up. That being said, it might mean you weren’t a match from the point of view of the employer.
    • Keep applying - until you’re officially hired, the job search isn’t over. Keep applying to opportunities to give yourself options and avoid placing all your eggs in one basket.
    • Don’t get discouraged! The job hunt is about persistence. Rejection is part of the game.