Get Schooled

School Challenges

Get Schooled Challenges are friendly two to four month, school-school competitions focused on improving key indicators of college and career readiness (FAFSA completion, college application submissions or acceptances, job attainment, etc). High schools receive marketing materials and can earn cash grants based on their students’ engagement and progress toward those indicators.

We have supported more than 50 challenges, with thousands of schools participating from across the country. 

High schools use Get Schooled Challenges to further their own college and career readiness goals, leveraging the free posters and handouts, youth-friendly digital content and the textline’s personalized support. And active schools have consistently realized demonstrable results: significant increases in college application submissions, FAFSA completions, and youth engagement on other key success metrics.

Get Schooled has awarded more than $$$ to schools active in the challenges, recognizing their students’ efforts and accomplishments. Get Schooled’s Challenges are free, fun and a great complement to your current college and career efforts.

Past challenges are noted below:

  • Fall Attendance Challenge 2019
  • Detroit College Challenge 2019-20
  • Spring 2020 College & Work Commit Challenge