10 Ways To Use Social Media For Good


We use social media to keep track of our friends and favorite celebrities, but how about using it for good? Here is a top ten list on how to use social media to help change the world.

    Organize a local service project
    It's amazing what a well-timed tweet can do. Organize a local service project and then announce it on social media so everyone can come and take part. 

    Start a food drive for your local food bank
    Food banks everywhere have seen increased demand for services and fewer donations. You can change that by promoting a food drive through your social channels. Get all of your SnapChat friends involved. You guys can even share photos of your donations!

    Ask for donations of school supplies for a local homeless shelter serving families
    If you're a student, you have to go back to school at some point! That means buying school supplies. What if you got all of your Facebook friends to meet you at a local store and buy supplies to fill a few backpacks? You could then deliver them to the shelter together!

    Raise awareness of a cause like suicide prevention
    Instagram is a great place to promote a cause! You can use a photo or video message to educate, raise awareness, and ask others to get involved.

    Spread the word of what's already happening
    You don't have to reinvent the wheel. There are tons of great causes and just as many events to participate in.Tell your friends about events in your area for a cause you care about – maybe a race to raise money for cancer, or a book drive, or even a dance-a-thon!

    Follow your local politicians and candidates
    As election season quickly approaches, social media can become your best friend! Follow the candidates and pay attention to what they stand for. Then get involved. You can campaign, help people register to vote, or canvas your neighborhood. 

    Stay connected to your city
    Use social media to make contact with city officials or state leaders – on their page or through direct messaging. Sometimes their social media teams will respond before their regular offices will. You can report issues and concerns, as well as make suggestions for improvement.

    Hashtag it
    Create a hashtag about a cause you care about and get your friends and classmates to use it. The more people you can get to use it the bigger difference it will make an impact. Get really creative and share your hashtag on cups, t-shirts, bags, and posters. 

    Sign my petition
    Create a petition to demand action about an issue you care about and encourage your friends to sign it. There are a few places that allow you to create a petition and then use social media to spread the word.

    Go viral with your message
    Create video or a meme that sends a message on a cause you care about and get others to share it. Be funny as you help others get informed. If it’s good enough, maybe it will go viral!