Teacher Nomination

We asked students attending seventeen Detroit Metro high schools to tell us about the teachers that inspire them to show up everyday and give 100 percent in the classroom. The response was amazing. More than 3,000 students  have recognized 516 teachers for excellence! 

Students told us about teachers who use humor to explain the complex subjects of math and science, or who provide a listening ear during rough times. We heard about coaches that push students to be their competitive best and principals who remind them high school is just the first step in what can be a successful and bright future. Most importantly, students told us that great teachers make all the difference in their ability to learn and excel. 

Osborn Upper School of Global Communications had the highest participation rate, with every student in the school taking the time to recognize a teacher who has made a difference in their lives. Russell Simmons, Founder and CEO of Rush Communications and a Get Schooled Education Ambassador, taped a personalized message to the teachers at Osborn Upper School of Global Communications to honor their great work and the work of all the teachers across Detroit who are making a difference in students’ lives.

You can read these nominations by scrolling through on the right. Have a specific teacher in mind? Search for his or her name. Looking for nominations from a particular school? Type the school name in the search box. The students had a lot to say, so take a few minutes to read about the amazing teachers, coaches and principals who call metro Detroit home!