Scholarship Guidelines

The purpose of this policy is to define the word "scholarship" and to provide guidance as to what Get Schooled will allow for scholarship listings.

Definition: Scholarship

Financial aid awarded to a student for the purpose of attending post-secondary education. It is a form of financial aid that does not need to be repaid.

While Get Schooled is committed to providing a more simplified method of finding many scholarships in one place, it is our goal to closely follow the true definition of a scholarship, a grant, or gift.

Scholarships which require repayment in the future, either by money, employment, or other means will not be allowed to be posted on Get Schooled. Guarantees of repayment either in the form of promissory note or other penalties imposed on the scholarship recipient will not be permissible under our definition of "scholarship."

If a scholarship is found to have terms of repayment of any reason other than when a student withdraws in the current academic term, the scholarship listing will be promptly removed from and the provider will receive notification of such action.

Scholarships that require awardee participation in the provider's program activities may be allowed if repayment of the scholarship for non-participation is not required.