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Last updated August 5, 2021

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Apply for the #WeBelongInCollege Scholarship and help other students get to and through college! By entering to win, you could win up to a $2,500 scholarship from Get Schooled.

Application Deadline: October 31, 2021 at 11:59 pm PT

Before You Apply:

  1. Watch Featured Stories for Inspiration
  2. Learn how to Create your own #WeBelongInCollege story
  3. Submit via the application form below

We encourage you to share your #WeBelongInCollege story on social media using the hashtag #WeBelongInCollege. By sharing your story, other students who may be dealing with a similar challenge will know they aren’t alone and come to believe that they do belong in college.

If you are still struggling getting to or through college, Get Schooled’s free college advisors are here to help you. Text #hello to 33-55-77 to get connected with an advisor today. 

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