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Virtual Communities You Can Join Now

Last updated January 24, 2022

Joining an online community can be a great way to connect with people over common interests. There are opportunities to learn from others, ask for advice on something particular, or share in something collectively.

A word of caution, verify information shared in your communities with a reputable source (contact your school, a government website, etc). Online communities can spark different thoughts, opinions, and varying levels of advice, but not everything will be accurate or helpful. Stay open-minded, but also cautious.


Reddit is a collection of forums, aka subreddits, that you can join with one account. You can join a subreddit to explore your hobbies, follow local news, or join a subreddit for the university you want to attend. Your level of engagement is up to you. You can ask questions and get advice, offer advice, or watch interesting conversations unfold.


TikTok is fast becoming the #1 social platform to interact with. It’s full of skits, dances, and vlogs with music in the background. It can provide some lighthearted entertainment and you may soon find yourself practicing dances to post on your own account. In the app, check out the “Discover” tab to see topics that are trending or use the search box to find topics that you’re interested in.

Virtual Communities You Can Join Now

Twitch Student Program

Twitch has a student program layered on top of its regular gaming services. You can choose to represent your school by connecting your student account to the platform. Twitch can be used to stay connected with your gaming clubs, hold friendly competitions, or connect with other university gaming communities.


Facebook groups are a great way to virtually connect with your current classmates, and to meet people at your future university or college. Start by searching for the campus you are interested in. You can also try adding a specific department, the class you will be graduating with, a sorority or fraternity, or a club. You can also find groups sharing information about admissions, concerns, and support.

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