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Staying Connected to Friends & Family During COVID-19

Last updated March 8, 2022

It is now easier than ever to stay connected with friends and family! You may be physically apart from some of your loved ones as COVID-19 continues to spread, but you can still maintain social connection. Here are some ways to stay connected to loved ones when you're not able to see them.

Throw a virtual party

Throw a virtual party on Zoom or other services with video calling. Get imaginative and create different themes. You can tell people to: dress up like they’re going to a fancy dinner, wear clothes for their favorite outdoor activity, or dress up as a celebrity.

Host a virtual board game night

Hosting a board game night is still possible at Board Game Arena or Tabletopia. Your favorite board game may also have the game available virtually on their website. If everyone invited has the physical game, you can try playing on a video call. Games that don’t require a board like charades or guessing drawings can be easily done with online word generators to help with ideas.

Staying Connected to Friends & Family During COVID-19

Have a movie night

Watch a movie together with Netflix Party. The hardest part might be agreeing on a movie to watch. Everyone in attendance will need a Netflix account and Netflix Party to make sure everyone’s screen is synced. There is also a chat feature to let everyone chime in with their thoughts (or reveal spoilers).

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