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Where to Make Friends on Campus

Last updated September 9, 2021

Welcome to college! You’ve left your high school days behind and you are ready to take the next crucial step in your life. Campus is big. There’s thousands and thousands of people! If you’re worried about where you should go to make friends, don’t fret! Get Schooled’s got you.


If you stay in the dorms, your first friend may easily be your roommate! You will laugh together, cry together, eat together, study together, and live together. If you end up not so lucky and don’t get along with your roomie, then that’s okay because the dorms are filled with many students who are looking to make friends! Typically students leave their doors wide open welcoming each other in.


Making friends in class may seem a little harder in college, but it is definitely a great place to do so! Maybe the student next to you cracks a joke and you laugh! This is a great friendship to make because they’ll know what you’re dealing with in class and can be a great person to study with. Plus if you end up in the same major, you’ll always have a familiar face in class.

Student orgs and clubs

There are many student organizations and clubs on campus! This is an AMAZING place to make friends because you already know you have something in common with the students in your club!


If you are playing a sport you will make insta-friends! You’ll spend majority of your time with your teammates, working out, practicing, eating, and studying. You’ll be able to form a bond with multiple people who understand your passion for the sport and the student athlete struggle.

Campus lunch spot

Wherever your campus eatery is, you’re bound to meet a lot of people! This could be a great place to meet other students and grab a bite to eat. This is where students go to socialize so get your food, claim a seat, and spark a conversation with your neighbor.

Greek Life

If Greek life if your thing then you’ll end up having instant friendships! During pledging, you’ll get to meet the different people in the frats and sororities! When you join, you’ll be welcomed by many students of all grades! You will spend a lot of time with one another and make countless memories. 


If your school has a football team, go to the tailgates before games! This is a great opportunity to socialize, make new friends, and eat some great food. 

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