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Study Tips | How to Study Effectively!

Last updated August 17, 2023

Study Tips | How to Study Effectively!

No matter the class or subject, having good study skills is essential to succeeding academically. There’s no “right” way to study, but there are some helpful habits and tips that you can incorporate into the study methods that work best for you. Here are some of our tips to study effectively!

Before class

Make sure to read all your assigned readings before you get to class. When you finish your readings, try explaining the concepts and ideas in your own words by writing down notes or talking about it with a classmate. Make sure you note any questions about concepts you don’t fully understand. That will help you remember to ask during the next class!

In class

While you’re in class, make sure you take good notes. If the instructor prepares slides ahead of time, download them so you can take notes as the professor reviews and goes over new material. If you don’t understand something, don’t be afraid to ask questions! You can always visit office hours if you don’t get a chance to ask something in class. If you made a study guide, don’t forget to add comments from your class discussion.

After class

Once you’ve gotten through class, make a study guide! Condense your notes into your own words to make sure you grasp the course concepts. Transform important information into easier forms for review.


The weekend after class, spend 30 minutes a day reviewing your notes and study guide. This will help make sure that you are grasping the course materials and retaining information. Cramming might work in a pinch but you won’t learn in the long run. This is especially important if it’s information from the beginning of the semester that you’ll need to remember for the final! Try and make it fun by studying with a classmate if you can.

Prep for exams

Schedule test dates on your calendar or wherever you keep track of important dates! Take a few minutes to decide what, when, and how you will study each day leading up to the exam and add it to your calendar. This will help you make sure you have enough time to prepare and make sure you cover all relevant materials before the test. Try your best to stick to your plan. If you need to make adjustments, that is okay.

Screenshot or save the image below to have handy when you need some study inspiration!

Study Tips | How to Study More Effectively!

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