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4 Ways To Format Your Study Guide

Last updated August 21, 2023

4 Ways To Format Your Study Guide

In terms of how it should look, not all study guides are created equally. Similar to a resume, you want to tailor the contents and design of your study guide to the subject you’re studying for. The goal is to make sure your study guide organizes the information you need to know in a format that is you-friendly—meaning it caters to your learning style! If you’re unsure of how to format your study guide, consider the following:

Consider color-coding your study guide. You may also want to transform some information into other forms like graphs, charts, or whatever illustrations you feel will help you paint a picture in your head of the information you need.

Organize the information on your study guide into lists, chronological order, or alphabetically. Learn the information on chunk (or series) at a time.

Pick a format that will help you to memorize information quickly and efficiently. You can record yourself reciting definitions or key themes and listen to it throughout the day. You may also want to try creating flash cards or turning your notes into a matching or memory game.

Some of us need to feel a connection to the information we digest. This may sound a little weird but try organizing your notes into a narrative form to study better. Transform concepts from subjects like Math and English into a story that you can connect with, then organize your study guide like a short-story you can recite to remember how to apply those concepts.

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