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Rachael's #WeBelongInCollege Story

Last updated February 28, 2021

Rachael’s mother, a single parent after her husband’s death, informed Rachael that she wouldn’t be able to help her much with college and told her she’d need to get a substantial scholarship. Rachael took a gap year and studied hard for the SATs to increase her chances of receiving a scholarship, but when it was time to apply, she didn’t receive any scholarships.

After trying over and over again, she found a large scholarship offering at one school, but unfortunately wouldn’t be able to pursue her desired major. It wasn’t long before she realized the major she had chosen wasn’t for her, so she decided to transfer to a new school that had her desired major and ended up getting the scholarship she needed.

Watch Rachael’s story of perseverance and how she didn’t let her financial restrictions stand in the way of her dreams.

Rachael was a recipient of a $1,000 #WeBelongInCollege Scholarship. Meet the other #WeBelongInCollege Scholarship Winners!

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#WeBelongInCollege Scholarship Winners | SEP Campuses

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