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Iman's #WeBelongInCollege Story

Last updated February 28, 2021

Iman’s doubt about college started in high school when she realized her family’s financial situation was going to make it really difficult for her to pursue a degree. She saw four years of tuition as a burden and convinced herself she shouldn’t go until she was able to make it work financially.

Her guidance counselor showed her a list of scholarship opportunities and encouraged her to apply for some, making it possible for her to pay for her first year of college. Accepting help was hard for her, but she now knows it is nothing to be ashamed of. 

Iman was a recipient of a $1,000 #WeBelongInCollege Scholarship. Meet the other #WeBelongInCollege Scholarship Winners!

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#WeBelongInCollege Scholarship Winners | SEP Campuses

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