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What is the Spring 2020 Get Schooled Challenge?

Last updated February 26, 2020

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Need to reach more students with college and career guidance, but don’t have enough time? Want to ensure that your students have easy access to the highest quality college and career information? And free 1:1 help, too? The Get Schooled Challenge is here to help you and your students.

The Get Schooled Challenge is a friendly competition across high schools all working toward the same goal - helping students take THE next steps toward their college and career future. Schools earn points (and grant money) based on student activity on our website and textline. Points are tracked on a school leaderboard. And the more active a student is, the more opportunities they have to earn prizes for themselves. In the end, all students and schools win as they find the resources and support to help on their college and career journeys. The Get Schooled Challenge runs March 2, 2020 to May 8, 2020.

Hold your spot in the Get Schooled Challenge now, until the February 28th sign up deadline, by completing this interest form. Read below for details on the Get Schooled Challenge.

LINK: Sign-up for the Challenge

Get Schooled Challenge goals

  • Help students take one specific next step toward their college or career goal
  • Provide students with resources and 1:1 support to be able to make that next step
  • Give schools a fun way to unify, engage, and motivate their students on education and work

What schools get for participating

  • Cash grants! - Schools earn $1 for every point on the leaderboard (starting at 300 points), up to $500. The top three schools will earn an additional $250. The money can be used to directly support college and career efforts at the school.`
  • Student prizes - Students active on the site and with Get Schooled's textline will be recognized weekly, with up to 10 students sent gift cards or swag based on a variety of engagement criteria.
  • Impact - Get Schooled can help you meet the college and career targets you have for your students through our combination of resources and 1:1 support.

How points are earned

Schools earn points from three activities their students take once logged-in and registered to their school:

  1. 500 points: Logins - every time a student logs into their GS account, and that account is linked to a school in the Get Schooled Challenge, points are earned for that school.
  2. 300 points: My next move - students are encouraged to share the ‘next move’ they’ve taken on their college-career journey - did they register for the SAT/ACT, get a job or commit to a college, etc. Students complete a form on Get Schooled’s website to capture this.
  3. 200 points: Textline engagement - students are encouraged to add their mobile number to their GS account or sign up for the text line (33-55-77) directly to receive more personalized support on their college-career journeys.

What schools need to do

It’s not hard to be a part of the Get Schooled Challenge but it does some legwork to make sure your students know about Get Schooled and how it can help them and their school. Here’s what schools need to provide:

  • A day-to-day representative responsible for actively promoting the Get Schooled Challenge at their school for 1-2 hours/week.
  • Creative promotion of the Get Schooled Challenge in your school.
  • Recruit students to lead internal promotional efforts among their peers - this could be from existing student leadership groups.
    • Distribute fliers from Get Schooled,
    • Make school loud-speaker announcements,
    • Set aside time in classrooms to complete Get Schooled Challenge activities.
  • Feedback to Get Schooled- let us know what you need from us throughout the Get Schooled Challenge to make your job easier and bring our resources to more of your students!

Sign-up for the Spring 2020 Get Schooled Challenge now, until the February 28th sign up deadline, by completing this interest form:

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